A summary of ‘Gopbandhu Jyoti Yatra’

The Samaja a 99 year old vernacular news daily was initiated in the year 1919 by Utkalamani Pandit Gopbandhu Das and at present is running under Servants of the People Society (SOPS), New Delhi. The SOPS was founded by Lala Lajpat Rai and was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi at Lahore in the year 1921. The objective of the society is to enlist and train full time and life long National Missionaries for the Service of Mother Land based upon Gandhian principle and to work towards social, educational, cultural, economic and political advancement of the Country.

The Samaj apart from publishing news paper has been sincerely into a serious Charitable activities as per the vision and dream of its founder Utkalmani Gopbandhu Das.  A lion share of its profit used to be invested in  ‘Samaj Relief Fund’ and which is spent in the segments like Health Care, education and Natural calamities etc. 

Activity :

Based upon the said Gandhian principle and value system, ‘The Samaja’ had initiated a program called ‘Gopbandhu Jyoti’ named after a great socialite and a Gandhian and the founder of ‘The Samaja under the banner of ‘Pranam Matrubhumi’ to honour all the freedom fighters of Odisha in the year 2013 by reaching out to all the Districts of the State within a span of thirty days.

 Again in the year 2014, the management of The Samaja has honored all the ‘Martyrs’ of Odisha who has given up their lives while serving in Defense and Police Departments.

Similarly, in the year- 2015,  Organizations and Persons working towards the poor and downtrodden at various regions of the State were felicitated.

This year (2016) The women Organisations working towards the upliftment of Women in the fields like education, Health care, prevention of Child marriage, employment, etc would be felicitated during the thirty days long ‘Jyoti Yatra’ at various district level. 
The ‘Gopbandhu Jyoti Yatra ’ has received a huge accolade and respect from people during the 30 day long travel across the state in previous years  and also could gather huge support from Public Sector Undertakings, reputed corporate houses and Business Houses who associated their logo as a matter of solidarity towards the noble causes.

The Samaja used to organize the program in the District Head Quarters  and  invites concerned Revenue Divisional Commissioners (RDC) / District Collectors/Supdt. Of Police as the Chief Guest of the event.

During the honour program at various District Head Quarters, the Samaj along with its promoters used to arrange a mini-exhibition where in display hoardings, Kiosks, banners, documentary films etc of The Samaja and of the promoters are also organized to catch the public audience. This has become a very qualitative forum for providing message to a good and sensible public attending the honour program.

Target Audience :

Normally people who attends this sort of programs are very conscious, patriotic and sensible in nature who are having a societal commitment and believer of value system. Besides common public also gets attracted to the program due to their respect towards the all time legend Utkalamani Pandit Gopbandhu Das. This event also gets a very wide coverage/publicity in various print and electronic media.

Footfall :

Thousands of people are used to gather at the place of program besides lakhs of audience used to pay their tribute to the ‘Jyoti Yatra’ in each District.  Besides numbers of NGOs , School, Colleges, volunteers from NCC, NSS, Scout n Guide etc  used to participate and pay their respect by escorting ‘Jyoti Yatra’ at their respective places. A pre-recorded view CD also being attached here with for a ready reference.

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